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Paiute Trails Responsive Map

This interactive, responsive map of the Paiute ATV Trail highlights recreation areas, historic sites, lakes & reservoirs, and much more. From Puffer Lake to Manning Meadows Reservoir, Marysvale to Monroe, and all across Fishlake National Forest – enjoy exploring this interactive online map.


How to use the Map

Start by pressing the “play” button. Now, familiarize yourself with the zoom-in and zoom-out tools. At the top right of the map you’ll see a small plus & minus sign. To zoom in, press the plus sign – to zoom out, press the minus sign. If you don’t see these control icons – simply zoom in by scrolling forward or up on your mouse/trackpad and zoom out by scrolling back or down on your mouse/trackpad.

To toggle and view specific map items such as trails, recreation areas, points-of-interest and more — use the toggle arrow icons found on the right side of the map.



Planning your trip to the Paiute Trails? Check out these points of interest along the Paiute Trail.

(also visible on our responsive map above).

Historical Sites

  • Miner's Park
  • Kimberly Ghost Town
  • Fremont Indian State Park
  • Silver King Mine
  • Marysvale WW2 Memorial
  • Cove Fort
  • Old Bully Boy Mine
  • Butch Cassidy Childhood Home
  • Koosharem Ranger Station
  • Marysvale Train Tunnel
  • Big John's Flat
  • Historic Opera House

Recreation Areas

  • Piute Reservoir State Park
  • Bullion Falls
  • Cottonwood Downs - Marysvale City Park
  • Kingston Canyon Recreation Area
  • Otter Creek State Park
  • Marysvale M
  • Dry Creek Falls
  • Mystic Hot Springs
  • Red Hill Hot Springs
  • Fireman's Park
  • Radio Towers
  • Castle Rock Recreation Site
  • Manning Meadows
  • Eagle Point Resort
  • Canyon Breeze Golf Course
  • Hoover's River Resort

Lakes & Reservoirs

  • Piute Reservoir
  • Fish Lake
  • Barney Lake
  • Manning Meadows Reservoir
  • Manderfield Reservoir
  • Blue Lake
  • Otter Creek Reservoir
  • Magleby Reservoir
  • Upper Box Creek Reservoir
  • Lower Box Creek Reservoir
  • Koosharem Reservoir
  • Puffer Lake
  • Little Reservoir
  • LeBaron Lake
  • Upper Kents Lake
  • Three Creeks Reservoir
  • Middle Kents Lake
  • Lower Kents Lake
  • Willow Lake
  • Birch Lake
  • Otter Lake
  • Big Lake
  • Deep Lake
  • Annabella Reservoir
  • Anderson Meadow Reservoir
  • Mirror Lake
  • Hunt's Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • Twin Lakes

Campgrounds & Camping Areas

  • Big Lake Campground
  • Koosharem Campground
  • Tamarisk Point Campground
  • Piute Campground
  • Mahogany Cove Campground
  • Anderson Meadow Campground
  • Little Reservoir Rec Site Campground
  • Kents Lake Campground
  • Fireman's Park
  • Sam Stowe Campground
  • Shingle Creek Campground
  • Paradise 114 Campground
  • City Creek Rec Site Campground
  • Castle Rock Campground

Peaks & Mountains

  • Mt. Holly
  • Mt. Brigham
  • Shelly Baldy Peak
  • Mt. Baldy
  • Mt. Belknap
  • Gold Mountain
  • Signal Peak
  • City Creek Mountain
  • Monument Peak
  • Monroe Peak
  • Big Table
  • Langdon Mountain
  • Delano Peak

Cities & Towns

  • Marysvale
  • Kingston
  • Antimony
  • Greenwich
  • Burrville
  • Koosharem
  • Monroe
  • Joseph
  • Beaver
  • Circleville
  • Manderfield
  • Junction
  • Annabella
  • Kanosh
  • Richfield
  • Elsinore

Souvenir / Gift Shops

  • Paiute Trails Inn Gift Shop
  • Geosearch Rock Shop
  • Piute County Crafts
  • Visitor Center

Other Paiute Trail map resources

Some other map resources include National Geographic’s map and onX Offroad maps.

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