Ride into Utah’s Gold Mining History at Miner’s Park

by | Jun 4, 2021

Miner’s Park

Along Utah’s Paiute ATV Trail lies a historic (and historical) gold-strike. Hidden in Bullion Canyon, just a few miles from Marysvale, Utah and Highway 89 – is Miner’s Park. This outdoor park serves as an open-air museum of Utah’s gold mining past.

Visitors walk the path to different antique mining equipment and structures near the once “Bully Boy Mine“. One such structure is the Dalton Cabin. Originally built in the 1920’s by a gold miner, the cabin was later lived in by Myron Chellis Dalton and his family. The Dalton family lived in the cabin during the summer months, when they mined the area for gold.

The Park features several antique mining tools like an old blacksmith anvil, drill press, vintage Le Roi Rix air compressor, mining carts, and more. Throughout the park are educational signs explaining some of the equipment.

Bullion Canyon

Bullion Canyon, named for it’s rich gold deposits, carves into the Tushar Mountains just a few miles west of Marysvale. Though miners have since left the area, the canyon is flourishing once again with riders on the Paiute Trails. Along the canyon are several picnic areas, Fireman’s Park & Miner’s Park, Bullion Falls and Bullion Falls trail, and many other outdoor treasures.

Marysvale, Utah

Marysvale, Utah has a long history in mining. In fact, the town was founded by early silver miners in the 1860’s. Later, in the 1880’s gold was discovered in Bullion Canyon. Marysvale is no longer a mining boomtown, but it has undergone a recent boom in ATV tourism. Marysvale is a central location along the Paiute ATV trail system.

Family Fun at Miner’s Park

Miner’s Park in Bullion Canyon is a great stop for the whole family. Situated next to the Paiute ATV Trail and Pine Creek; this stop offers a nice place to park the ATV’s and sit down for a picnic, or cast a fishing line in the creek. The area includes a nice parking area and several picnic tables. You could even try your luck at gold panning in the Pine Creek!