Paiute Trail at Miner's Park

The Paiute Trails have certainly made a name for themselves among off-road junkies across the country. Whether riding a SXS or ATV, these trails will not disappoint. With over 1,500 miles of trails, there’s a reason this area is being dubbed “Utah’s Trail Country”. As the thrill of four-wheel freedom fills their veins – riders alike tear down dusty roads and crawl over rugged track. These trails have much more to offer than just four-wheel freedom though. The Paiute Trails offer a world of outdoor recreation. Here you’ll find historic stops, stunning views, rejuvenating solitude, and of course, 1,500+ miles of exploration. Come explore Utah’s Paiute Trail system and leave with endless memories.


The Paiute Trails (also called the Paiute ATV Trail and Paiute/Gooseberry Trail System) are located in scenic central Utah, next to Fishlake National Forest and Bryce Canyon National Park. The trail basecamp and headquarters are in Marysvale, Utah.

The trail is easily accessible with I-15 to the West, I-70 to the North, and Utah Highway 89 going right down the middle. Just over 2 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City, 2 hours from St. George (another rider’s paradise), and 4 hours from Las Vegas.

Paiute Trails Petroglyph Man

The Paiute Trails

The Paiute Trails are a network of dirt roads and trails looping in and out of the mountains of central Utah. The trail is currently managed by the Fishlake National Forest (which the Paiute Trails ride through) and the Richfield BLM Office.

The trail occasionally crosses through charming small-towns such as Marysvale, Koosharem, Monroe, and others. As the trail meanders across this area, it racks up over 1,500 miles of terrific trails, perfect for 4×4, SxS, & ATV riding.

These trails offer much more than just thrilling off-road adventure. These trails include historic Native American sites as well as historic mining sites & Mormon pioneer heritage. They also include a plethora of outdoor recreation at State Parks, National Forest, resorts, etc. That’s not all, the Paiute ATV Trail is nestled close to some of Utah’s beloved national parks, such as Bryce Canyon National Park & Capitol Reef National Park.

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Can you take a Jeep on the Paiute Trail?

Yes! You can take your Jeep on the Paiute Trails.

Where does the Paiute Trail start?

There isn't really a beginning or end to the trails. The most prominent or central point to the trails is Marysvale, Utah - where you can access multiple different trailheads right from town.

What type of vehicles are allowed?

The trails allow for most vehicles, including ATV's, SxS's, UTV's, dirtbikes, jeeps, trucks, mountain bikes, and don't forget - you'll sometimes share the road with cattle and wildlife! So, just about anything - just as long as you're ready for an adventure!

How long is the Paiute ATV Trail?

The Paiute Trail is over 1,500 miles long!

What are the trail width restrictions?

The Paiute Trail is approximately 8 to 12 feet wide. Trails vary, but most sections of the trail allow for full size vehicles - including OHV's 60" or wider. Please ride responsibly and keep all trail riders in mind.

Are there any requirements to ride the Paiute Trail?

Yes. In the state of Utah, all OHV operators must complete the OHV education course. Non-residents are now required to obtain a permit to ride in Utah.



The Paiute Trails are calling! Bring the whole crew and start your adventure in the magnificent outdoors of central Utah. These trails are welcome to dirtbikes, SxS’s, Jeeps, ATV’s – you name it! There’s an endless list of activities here on the trails and something for everybody. And remember, always respect other riders and this great place. For more riding information and tips – join our Facebook group

Ride the Paiute Trails


The Paiute Trails offer a great adventure for trail riders, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who loves the outdoors. With so much to see and do, this area is a great place to explore the beautiful scenery of Utah. From hiking and biking to camping and fishing, there is something for everyone on the Paiute Trails.



The Paiute Trails began in the late 1800’s as mining trails and cattle grazing roads. Cowboys and miners were the first to start building roads and trails in these sagebrush covered hills and pine covered mountains. In fact, one of the first (and once fastest growing) towns in Southern Utah, was the bustling mining town of Kimberly, Utah – nestled high in the Tushar Mountains.

Later, these trails became quite popular among locals for retreating to the cooler, beautiful mountain landscapes.

History of the Paiute Trails
History of the Paiute Trails

Recent History – Trail Country in the Making

In the summer of 1988, two friends were sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck in Circleville, Utah, thinking of ways they could access their favorite fishing and hunting areas of the Fishlake National Forest. Clyde Lay, a forest engineer for Fishlake National Forest, and Lindon Romine, Piute County Commissioner were those two friends. They began making plans for improving current trails and roads to better accommodate OHV’s, which at this time were mostly just three wheelers and four wheelers.

They presented their plans to surrounding counties and towns where they received approval and support. Together they chose the name “Paiute” in recognition to the local native peoples and their history in the area. They also chose the Paiute Trails symbol, known as “Tazz” – a character from nearby Fremont Indian petrolyphs.

There were many others who made the trail system what it is today – The Paiute Trails – Utah’s Trail Country, and one of the best trail systems and riding areas in the entire world, including the Great Western Trail and Gooseberry Trail. Thanks to Clyde, Lindon, and all of those who made it what it is today.

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