Utah’s Tushar Mountains

The Tushar Mountains


The Tushar’s are a small mountain range in both Beaver County and Piute County in Utah that is dotted with snow-capped peaks and alpine lakes. There are several peaks over 12,000 feet including Delano Peak at 12,174 (3,711 m) which is also the 3rd tallest mountain peak in the state of Utah, Mount Belknap at 12,137 feet (3,699 m), and Mount Baldy at 12,090 feet (3,690 m). The range runs north to south in central Utah. The Tushar Mountains are part of Fishlake National Forest.

They are believed to be named after the word “T’shar” which means “white” in the Southern Paiute language.

The mountains have a large population of mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk, as well as many other species of wildlife, including black bears and mountain lions. The Tushar Mountain range is the 3rd highest mountain range in Utah after the Uinta and La Sal ranges.

Riding in the Tushar Mountains


The Paiute Trail system covers much of the Tushar Mountains. Many Side by Side and ATV’s riders can be found enjoying these trails.

Some trails are open and exposed with sweeping panoramic views while others meander under shady forest canopies where you might hear birds sing or see an elk herd grazing in fields below.

Activities on the Paiute Trails and more things to do

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