2023 Solar Eclipse in Utah


Solar Eclipse on the Paiute Trails

The annular solar eclipse is set to sail right across the state of Utah on October 14th 2023. Marysvale, Utah and the Paiute Trails find themselves right smack dab in the middle of the action! This will make Marysvale one of, if not the best, places to view the solar eclipse in Utah and in the United States.

2023 Solar Eclipse in Marysvale, Utah and the Paiute Trails

When & Where to view the Eclipse in Utah

The annular eclipse will begin around 9AM Mountain Time and reach it’s peak near 10:20AM Mountain Time. The eclipse will leave the Utah area around 12 Mountain Time. The best places to view the eclipse will likely be anywhere in town or on the trail (as long as there’s not too much snow in the higher elevations – which is unlikely).

The best places to view the annular eclipse in Utah include; Marysvale, Richfield, Monroe, Delta, Beaver, Escalante, and Monument Valley.

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